Guidance learning module

Nowadays, it is necessary for school to prepare students for a world in which people need to work even abroad; a world in which people need to collaborate, interact respectfully, efficiently and appropriately.                         

In line with the activities planned under the Erasmus + KA2 Project "Ready for my future job", the educational path’s main objectives are:

 -concretely favour the passage of pupils from lower to high secondary school to prevent discomfort and failure;

- guide students to develop decision making skill and to design their future in a  coherent and conscious way, on the basis of their personal peculiarities and professional  aspirations.



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students can apply mathematical thinking and insight in order to solve  a range of problems in everyday situations. They can use formula, constructs, models, graphs, diagrams, plan and realize graphic representations.

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Report Guidance Module

The Guidance learning module was conceived as a natural continuation of the course undertaken in the last school year by third-year students who took part in the activities planned within the Erasmus + "Ready for my future job" project. Alongside the orientation activities that are organized every year, an interdisciplinary module has been designed which, involving all the school subjects, has allowed students to have a more complete and in-depth knowledge of the world of work, professions and therefore the path of studies more suited to their interests and attitudes. All this in order to face the choice of secondary high school in a conscious way. The learning module involved the sharing of topics, the selection of materials to be submitted to the students and the activities to be carried out based on the path defined in the module.

Report Guidance Module
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Celebration of New School Year for “Giovanni XXIII” Institute according to Erasmus + “Ready for my future job” and New European Competencies

For the Celebration of the new School Year, Giovanni XXIII Institute students had the opportunity to talk about Erasmus+ Project” Ready for my future job”, as this year the theme was” the New Competences”

Open day at the primary school of the I.C. "Giovanni XXIII" of Cammarata January 2019

“Giovanni XXIII” Institute has organised two OPEN DAY MEETINGS, the first one concerned Primary school pupils that are going to attend our school and the second one for thirteen-year old students that are going to leave our school and want to go on in their studies in Secondary schools.

Ready for my future job exibition: Erasmus students in the square in San Giovanni Gemini to talk about the project to the local community June 2019

In these last two years, twenty five students of  Istituto Comprensivo "Giovanni XXIII” Cammarata, have been involved in an ERASMUS +  Project financed by the European Community entitled “Ready for my future job”. In addition to our school, the project involved two other foreign schools "La Providence" Poitiers (France) which is the lead school and Zàkladna Skola na Malinovskèho Partizanske (Slovakia). For Italian students, an orientation path towards a more conscious choice for their professional future has begun through:

  • research and surveys on the various economic sectors, at local and regional level: primary sector, secondary sector, tertiary sector;
  • collection, classification, selection, creation, presentation, exchange and comparison of information, team learning and training activities at national and international level;
  • visits / excursions, workshops, in farms / companies / industries / factories / offices, in relation to the three economic sectors
  • practical experience with internships in the three partner countries (Europass mobility; Language Passport and European Curriculum Vitae.

Our whole school wants to thank the cultural association “Proloco” for the help it has given in organizing a graphic photo exhibition that has had the aim to make the results of the project known and spread to the really numerous public of Cammarata and San Giovanni Gemini’ communities during  the Feast of Jesus Nazarene..Many thanks to the Proloco’s president Arch. C. Maira.


It has been truly a wonderful experence that will be treasured.

Open Day at "Archimede" secondary school

“Giovanni XXIII Institute students were invited at "Archimede” Secondary School Open Day where Secondary School students talked about their school, performed some sketches and role plays and finally they worked all together with younger students sharing their knowledge and experience in different workshops. Our students were very much engaged in the workshops and interacted positively with older students and also with teachers.

Open Day - SOŠ Jána Antonína Baťu

Students from Erasmus + group visited the Open day on SOŠ Jána Antonína Baťu in Partizánske on 24th of January 2019. There were presentation of several fields of study and some workshops - cook, waiter, CNS machines, car mechanic, mechanic, shoemaker and others. Some of student want to study in this school. Erasmus + students also presented they project Ready for My Future Job to students from others low secondary schools.

Teaching, Learning and Training activity in Partizánske, Slovakia

Local TV report

Erasmus+ in the news after LTT activity in Partizanske

After the welcome, in recent months, of Slovak students in Cammarata, this time  "I. C.  Giovanni XXIII" Erasmus + students spent, last September, a learning experience in Partizanske in Slovakia.


They took part in various workshops directed to the study of the world of work in the various companies and during the workshops organized in the Partizanske school. The laboratories were followed by moments of in-depth study on the various working sectors explored which helped the students to clarify their preferences and inclinations.

Internships in Cammarata

I.C. "Giovanni XXIII" of Cammarata last 26th-27th April 2018 organized "Internships at local companies".

Local companies and professionals have hosted Erasmus students at their offices, where workshops have been organized through which the students have been able to directly examine the various aspects of the economic sectors, creating a personal and practical experience of the reality of the work world.

My future between freelancer and handicraft

Workshop on Food Industry in Cammarata

Workshop “Show Jobs”-  Istituto “Giovanni XXIII” di Cammarata

Cammarata: “Ready for my Future Job” l’Istituto “Giovanni XXIII” avvia un progetto Erasmus +

The Press in Poitiers, France

Press article in Centre Presse Poitiers in October 2017

Press article October 2017

Press Article in Centre Presse, Poitiers in December 2017

Open day at Collège La Providence and presentation of the Erasmus+ project in January 2018

January 2018


The Press in Poitiers in February 2018

Article in  Centre Presse, 27  February 2018

Article in Centre Presse, Poitiers June 2018

Article in Centre Presse, Poitiers: October 2018

Erasmus + Exhibition in the hall of La Providence school   December 2018

exhibition with the diaries, photos of the training activity in Slovakia, internship reports... pupils added there their favourite photo from the training activity in Slovakia and a short comment to explain why.

I. C. "Giovanni XXIII" - Cammarata

Open Days

 “Giovanni XXIII” Institute has organised  two OPEN DAY MEETINGS, the first one  concerned Primary school pupils that are going to attend our school and the second one  for thirteen-year old students that are going to leave  our school and want to go on in their studies in Secondary schools. As choosing a school is a very important decision, and parents need to see that school takes this seriously, besides teachers, headmaster and Erasmus plus students have given their contribution talking about their experience related to Erasmus + Project “READY FOR MY FUTURE JOB” and have showed  parents and students photos, travel diaries,  they have stressed the importance of workshops to choose  their future job and the most appropriate secondary school. During the meetings they have been successful in conveying the ethos of the school activities and the various extra-curricular projects that make our school different. It was stressed how orienteering activities have been useful for students to get information about jobs and the different kind of schools. They have interacted with Secondary School teachers to get information about subjects and learning activities and their opportunities to enter the work market. Parents could get their questions answered and feel their children will be in safe hands. They have had a chance to see the school operating as usual, and plenty of time to meet teachers in a very friendly atmosphere.

26 January 2019: Open Day at Collège La Providence

The open day was the occasion to exhibit our work, job cards, photos from workshops and activities in our partner countries, travel and reception diaries… and explain to visitors and future pupils the aim of the project. Pupils enjoyed talking about their project and appreciated the visitors' enthusiasm.

The Erasmus+ project makes the headlines in Poitiers