"Giovanni XXIII" set of job cards

The job cards were created by the students after exploring, deepening and participating in workshops and internships at local partners and abroad. The students followed Gardner's multiple intelligence scheme, through which, starting from the desired profession of each of them, they arrived at the educational, scholastic path to be chosen to realize their  future.

The cards were made in paper format (plastic). Each of them has an A side and a B side with the following characteristics:

- side A: scheme of intelligence, with attitudes, fields of interest, profile of studies, and professions

- side B: a trade that belongs to that intelligence.

The job cards were used in peer learning during the orientation activities organized in our school.

La Providence set of job cards

The cards were created by the pupils after reseraches, meetings with the career advisor at school and at the guidance center, meeting with the professionals at the job forums, during the workshops, the visits of the firm and training centers, during the internship periods.


The layout of the cards created in 2018-2019 (Digital, Industry, Law, Sciences and Tourism) was entirely done by Léo, one of the Erasmus+ students who was really interested in design jobs.


The cards were used for peer-learning with younger pupils.


ZŠ Malinovského ul. set of job cards