The logo selection

A poll was organised on Facebook, so each member of the closed facebook group could vote for his/her favourite logo.


Clémence's logo was selected!
Then we tried to adjust colours and select a motto during our transnational teachers meeting in Cammarata.

The logo contest in France

The Erasmus+ group worked on the origin, the meaning and the aim of a logo; then they followed the instructions to create a logo that could represent the partnership: the 3 countries, and the theme of the project : discovery of possible suitable future jobs. They worked in groups or pairs, they thought about the general outlines, then they  drew and added colors. On the 17 October, the group voted for their favourite  logo. The best 5 were reproduced digitally and finally teachers chose 3 of them for the international  contest on Facebook.


logo contest instructions .pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 196.3 KB

The French logos in drawing version

The French Logo in digital version

Dissemination Posters  in the Erasmus+ corner at La providence School


Students at work at “GIOVANNI XXIII“SCHOOL

Students have worked to create logos and mottos related to the Erasmus + Project “Ready for my future job” to participate to the contest together with their European partners.

Then they will vote to choose the best logo and best motto that will appear on all the papers related to “Ready for my future job

The Italian logos in drawing and digital versions